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Juuttiputiikki briefly in English

Juuttiputiikki (Finnish for “jute boutique”) is a Worldshop located in the centre of Oulu. It is a shop specialised in fair trade goods, run by the not-for-profit organisation Swallows in Northern Finland. Established in 1978, it is the oldest Worldshop in Finland. Juuttiputiikki is a member of the Finnish Association of World Shops.

The aim of the organisation is to contribute to global equality by practising fair trade with small producer groups. We also aim to provide information about fair trade and ethical consumption. The organisation is largely based on voluntary work.

Juuttiputiikki offers a wide variety of Fair Trade labelled products and ethically manufactured, fair handicrafts. In our shop you can find food supplies, clothing, bags and wallets, interior decoration supplies and handmade paper crafts, among other things. In addition to products imported from these trading partners, Juuttiputiikki sells goods imported by other Worldshops in Finland, and some Finnish ecological products.

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 10–18
Sat 11–15DSC_1921

Contact information

Hallituskatu 11 L 4
90100 Oulu, Finland

Tel / Fax
+358 8 3115 189

email: putiikki(at)